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Talya is born in Berlin with a Turkish father and German mom. She traveled a lot and lived  in New York and Paris for her business studies. Talya just recently realized she is not living  true to myself. She worked hard for a marketing career and now at the top found myself  unfulfilled. Couple years ago after going through a rough time that challenged her  emotionally, she went to a yoga retreat in Thailand which sparked her passion for meditation  and alternative healing methods. Talya also suffer from constant bloating for 3 years and  visited multiple different alternative health professionals like Ayurveda, TCM, Theta, Reiki  and many more which increased her interest in gut health and its connection to the mind.

I  strongly believe in holistic healing (mind/body/spirit connection) and not the way it’s  currently practiced but the way the institute for aliveness is approaching it. Talya is constantly eager to learn and is constantly striving to become a more “better” version of  myself. When she sticks her mind to something Talya is more than determined. Talya would  love to empower individuals especially females, teenagers and disadvantaged people to take  their health and happiness back into their own hands in whatever setting will evolve in this  program. In her free time she loves to practice yoga, dance, be creative, be in nature, explore  and travel. She is more than excited to start her journey with TIFA.

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