Simone is currently living in Washington State in the US, however considers herself being from multiple lands across America. Her perspective on life profoundly changed when she decided to move to Hawaii after graduating conventional university. No longer seeking comfort from toxic dependencies, but instead finding solidarity in family. Bearing a child and birthing her magical son completely shifted her mindset and opened up her curiosity, and now passion for continual transformation of self. She found a deep desire for connection; connection to not only self, but also connection to earth, connection to the universe, and connection to community.

In divine timing TIFA reached her soul, and now sees her purpose with clarity. She is setting intentions to be equipped with the knowledge and the network in order to teach the youth of our world how to develop an awareness to body, mind, and spirit. With her strong background in parent training and youth behavior modification Simone is releasing information that no longer serves her and is surrendering fully to the process of unlearning.