Hi! This is Shilpi, currently living a community life in Auroville, India, was born in Bihar, India. As a young girl I read Gijubhai Badeka ‘s book “Divaswapna”, and it inspired me to learn more about the Free Progress Education system. I moved to Delhi to be trained in Integral Education. A desire to learn more about education systems around the world, I travelled to New Hampshire, USA to train at Antioch University. For 13 years I worked as a teacher in various alternative schools. With my interdisciplinary training and experience in education, psychology, and domestic science.

I aspire to bring change and make a larger impact with my work with different communities and in different fields – education, health, yoga, theatre, conscious fashion clothing, and gardening.

I believe in living a conscious and balanced life through nurturing all the aspects of life, the body, the mind, and the spirit. A seeker for healthier living alternatives, I am also trained in Ashtanga Yoga, and feel naturally inclined to study about body functions, food and health. I find myself involved with healthy, beautiful food, both traditional and experimental. I love developing new recipes. I am curious about exploring and assimilating different cultures around the world, and this is apparent in my work and life. However, the food aspect is not the ultimate goal of my life. I love learning, experimenting, knowing and understanding about life and its deeper meaning. I love practicing empathetic listening as well.