Riihannon is graduate of Psychotherapist and a Coach. 7 years doing individual sessions combining de-armouring, trauma release, psychotherapy, intuitive and shamanic healing techniques. 5 years experience with company staff, ceos and own retreats and trainings / educations. 3 years of doing sexual healing/ lifeforce and de-armouring work. Healed asthma, eczema, severe stress, depression, severe overweight, body numbness, suicide attempt 11 years ago, rewired subconscious and nervous system deeply. Turned numbness into becoming full body orgasmicly open. Sharing all the lifeforce and pleasure activation tools in the Pleasure Temple today.

Self employed since 2009 at My best guide & Life/ business coach: intuition. Educated as decorator, interior designer and conceptual artist in 2003. Artist at www.riihannonwilde.com since 2009 (formerly known painting huges wallart paintings and doing mindfullness projects all over Denmark.