Michelle was born in South America and grew up  among diversities with a French Father and a Mother  mixed Emerillon and Creole. By growing up between  France, South America and the Caribbean she became  interested in Anthropology and fascinated by cultural  perceptions. Her first work was at 16 years old for an  NGO which mission was to provide school material for  the Kalinago (last Carib indigenous tribe) and from that  time she hasn’t stop contributing to Education. First  she was focussing on street children, homeless  families and orphanages. Explorer, she studied Pickler,  Montessori, Reggio Emilia, Freinet, Steiner  pedagogies; she observed and worked in alternative  kindergartens and primary schools.

In 2017, by  attending the Human rights for Childbirth Conference  held in Mumbai. She came to discover the terrible state  of childbirth in the world. Pregnancy and Birth being a  major threshold to bring more Peace to Humanity, she  dived in supporting gentle birth and women rights for  Dignity. Today she continues to contribute to  Childbirth, to kindergartens, and to Permaculture  (farm).