Khar Wei is 28 years old born in Christmas day.

Raised in a humble and private family. Came from a chinese lineage of business entrepreneurs.  His Dad passed away 2 years ago. Deep adoration for mom. Youngest of 4 siblings. Close bonded with brothers over friends.  Grew up in a religiously conservative state in Malaysia. Migrated many years  ago to current residence in Kuala Lumpur of Malaysia. 

 Commonly teased for being overly matured from peers. Having the action, thought and speech of a 40s, despite biologically nearing the  age of a 30s with an overly young appearance and small stature of an early 20s. Growth-obsessed, curious, analytical, strategic, logical, practical, paternal that constantly strive for excellence.  

Open-minded millennial on a hero quest / seeker’s path for meaning and truth. Horoscope is Moon and Ascendant in Virgo, Capricorn stallion chart, Mars and  Mercury in Sagittarius, Venus in Scorpio. Currently undergoing a Saturn Return  with major shift in life perspective, direction and structure.

Finance & Economist by study, Bank analyst for numerous years.  Currently working in the field of leadership development. No professional medical study or experience.  

Over 10 years of exposure to holistic healthcare journey to care for terminally  ill dad (high blood pressure, Alzheimer, diabetes, dialysis etc.). Personally born with weaker body constitution compared to most others.  Explored and exposed to a wide variety of healing modalities including vegetarian/veganism diet, naturopath lifestyle, detoxification, enema/liver  flush, fermentation, chiropractic and spirituality practices to tap into and  strengthen personal life force. Highly interested in mind and spirit module of TIFA

Currently living in a minimalist clean apartment space next to nature mountain  surrounding, find comfort in following a strict health routine and regime,  currently working in a fast-based project based job.  Self-proclaimed professional nerd that enjoy studying a wide variety of topics i.e. health related, biohacking, economics, psychology, philosophy, spirituality,  astrology, history & futurism, minimalism, masculinity, adult learning,  leadership, investment & finance and many more.  Enjoys physical exploration and discovery. Been on volunteering trips in South  Africa to backpack travelling across Asia to Europe to learn about foreign  history, culture and people.