Kahra, is a deep feeler. She has always been a sensitive being, feeling emotions and energies around her like a language. Therefore Kahra has grown up into a woman fascinated by relationships, connections and interactions. She became deeply passionate about behaviors, psychology, communication, energies, ego death, the power of the mind and trauma healing.

Always considering herself as a citizen of the world, she has been eager to meet new cultures, to travel and to confront her beliefs with others. As a solo traveller, guided by her strong intuition, her sense of adventure and her love for languages, she had connected to her spirituality along the way, made beautiful connections and found a new purpose.

She would enlarge her vision and awareness of both herself and others. She has become passionate about growth, self-development and spirituality, always wanting to level herself up and her way of relating, to diversify and enrich her relationships, so she can find peace within and reach long lasting bliss.

After she graduated as a massage therapist, she became interested in body integration, trauma releasing, energy systems and healing arts. After traumatic experiences and repressed emotions, she became fascinated by all the wisdom and self healing potential the human body can hold. She started to learn new techniques to release old energies, to get embodied and allow the chi to flow where it had been stuck. Through deep tissue massages, breathwork, dancing, repatterning, meditation, rituals and tantra, she began to write a new story for her body to integrate, releasing her past traumas, owning her own emotions, sexuality and desires. Healing not only through understanding her mind, but also through moving, feeling and being in her body. Reuniting consciousness and body sensations, the masculine and the feminine, the light and the dark, the soul and the heart.

As a spiritual and emotional being, desiring to serve the world and humans as her Mission, she became interested in sharing what she had learned, and helping others (re)connect with themselves on their own. Through their own body wisdom, through exploring their own emotions and energies, and through giving them keys to understand their own mind.

Breathwork, Dancing and Sexuality had become part of her embodied practices to feel deeper into her body, release tensions and traumas, and reconnect to the truest version of herself, without all the conditionings and the beliefs, going beyond the Self, as a direct pathway to connect to Source.