Josephine has been on the quest for health, healing and meaning for the entire 36 years of her life. Since she was a young child she was naturally very inquisitive, a deep empathetic feeler, and always felt as though there must be more to what she was being shown, which spurred her exploration of this world guided by her profound intuition and understanding the possibility of the unseen. 


Being born and raised in Melbourne to Italian immigrant parents, integrating this cross culture and living in a cosmopolitan society birthed her fascination of different cultures, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles.

As soon as she as she could travel alone, at the age of 17, she ventured around the world solo, exploring, hunting experience, searching for alternate ways of living, relating, and participating in life that she hadn’t been exposed to before.

She studied architecture at university, guided by a need to create spaces for people to gather, though instead went on to work in tourism and hospitality whilst travelling, and then followed her other passion of food and spaces, opening up 3 lifestyle restaurants and concept stores in Melbourne between the ages of 28 and 31. 


Experiencing health problems her entire life, she linked the connection of diet and wellbeing and exercise at the age of 16 and has not stopped experimenting and exploring the interplay of our bodies, consumption, yoga, movement, this planet and our health. She also noticed very early the holes in western medicine and where it had failed her personally, searching for other ways to optimize life force vitality. 


Even though she was managing minor illnesses, depression and anxiety her entire life, her body completely stopped functioning at 28, and after 3 years of pain and struggle was finally diagnosed with Lymes disease and other co-diseases. This time was incredibly difficult, physically and emotionally, searching everything to assist her on this healing path, using almost every methodology and therapy to help her that was available in Melbourne, however  became completely disillusioned as nothing really truly worked. Hearing that murmur of the intuition becoming louder and louder, knowing again that there must be a way to heal, leaving everything behind and selling her restaurants, this triggered another world wide journey of discovery, fasting, plant medicine, ancient shamanic therapies, bodywork therapies, breath work, yoga, kundalini, tantra, energy and healing life long traumas were the only way that her depression and physical body completely healed. It was here that she really embodied the understanding of the “biology of belief”, the psychosomatics of disease and the effects of the body, solidifying her understanding that there is more to disease than just the physical, but healing the soul and traumas are the major components to health and wellbeing.

She currently lives in tropical Guatemala, running yoga retreats, teaching Kundalini, facilitating trauma release work through Amanae + Congruency Methods, as well as studying TIFA. She is passionate about helping people heal from traumas, particularly empowering women in life and owning their sexuality by healing their trauma and abuse related traumas.