Ion is a massage therapist who lives in Auroville, India. Born in Romania, his childhood and teenage years passed between reading and martial arts. At the age of 19 he moved to Italy driven by interest for new growth opportunities.


He builds his own house and continues his research to have answers to his profound inner question "Why are we here?". He carries out his passion for martial arts and sport, expressing his maximum potential in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu winning the competitions in which he participated at national and international level.He became a BJJ and Grappling instructor by opening his own gym.

He continues his research in spirituality following the esoteric school Energheia(how to heal with the soul) and participating in various conferences to expand knowledge and work on himself. In 2011 he encountered the Transition Town movement that changed his point of view on life with a new value of resilience and self-sustainability. He leaves his job and goes to live in a sustainable community. After a couple of years, he moved to Auroville ``Laboratory city for a new world". He learns various massage techniques including Ayurveda, Biranda, Tai Yoga and Abdominal Massage and starts working as a therapist. Along with 5 others friends coming from different parts of the world, builds a new community in Auroville, with the values of the self-construction of their homes in natural materials, respecting the environment and integration with the culture of villages around. The goal of the Community is to create a group to work on themselves, embody the community spirit with the values of self-sustainability and impermanence.