Do You Belong Here?

We are changing the paradigm on health. Rather than defining health as "absence of disease"  we define it as "living with maximum vitality". 

An 18-month certification including never-before-taught, interdisciplinary subject matter. If you're a Truth Seeker, no bullshit problem-solver with a heart big enough to change lives, you belong here.  

It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society. 
- Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Health Coach meets Life Coach meets Revolutionary 

Evolve or pivot your career trajectory. Or? Just do it for you. Accountability. Classmates. Structure of a life-changing program. Some of the best minds on the planet. There's literally nothing not to love. 

Master: fasting. disease-reversal, psychosomatics, and applied epigenetics. Get real-world exposure in an intellectually-stimulating program. Novel, revolutionary curriculum. 

Here's How We'll Get Down...
​​The course will consist of six main checkpoints.
2 semesters of Online Lecture Content, monthly class calls & a Full Coaching Course
At-Home Practice, apprenticeship, transformation and extra-curricular courses (your own independent fasting, diet change, practice consultations, extra-curricular courses)
1 Colon Hydrotherapy Clinical Training (in person, yearly: Asia, Europe or The Americas)
1 Private week-long, off-grid retreat with Andréa & your graduating class (in-person, once)
Attend Five Online Fasting Retreats with THE INITIATION (online, monthly)
A Thesis paper, which you will present and defend!
Transform your life and the lives of others.

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THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS  is an umbrella organization hosting The Initiation rite of passage fasting retreat as well as a host of online education and empowerment programs.  Founded by Andréa Paige, 2014. 



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