Frequently Asked Questions

Can I afford it?!

The answer is a hands-down YES. We’ve subsidized the course fees to be: €6100. For Everything. Yes, I know, it’s crazy. A colon hydrotherapy training alone is €2000. A private retreat? €2500 at least! 18 months of monthly one-on-one calls with Andréa? €4500. Participation in 5 INITIATIONs? €1650. Then all the content, certification and guidance on top of that...?! So for a value of nearly 12k, plus certification and a whole new community... this certification program is at a 50% discount on all it includes. Plus, once you graduate, you’ll get clients so quickly - because you’ll be trained to a higher caliber and interdisciplinarily skilled - that the course will pay for itself! (You may be even offered a job by THE INITIATION when you’re done!) We have distinctly decided to remove any “work-trade” option for this program, because I am committed to: A. Giving you the highest quality course platform and support team, and B. Empowering you around money. Whatever it takes, you can make this happen. Once you graduate, you will likely be able to make your entire tuition within 1-3 months time. C. The program fees will be increasing by €1500 for the Jan 2022 intake. We promise to engage all senses and present to you the entire course in a mixed-media format for all different learners (audio, video, text, etc.)

How often will there be an online class call?

Online lecture classes will release weekly, every Monday, for 15 weeks (every 4th week off for catchup) during the semester, and week 16 will be your exam week (dum dum dum...!) The first year is more course-load intensive. The following six months are more internship and practicum. We will have a full-class LIVE call once per month, and you will have breakout calls with small groups every week or two. You will also have an accountability buddy to keep you on track in this course. We know how it gets with online courses. You enroll, start... and then it doesn't go anywhere. Not with this one. We've got you covered. You will show up. The data so far: whereas normal online courses have a 90% drop out rate, we've managed to flip this on its head! We have a 90% retention rate. What does that mean? You can trust us to steward your success.

The program fee of €6100 is for one year or both years?

It's for BOTH YEARS! I know. It's crazy. I'm definitely offering it less-than-cost, because I want to have a first test-run before going big with it. It’s also my way to invest in all of you as the first graduating class. Next year Jan 2022 Intake the price will rise to €7900. If this isn't the year for you, but you're definitely in for next year and ready to make a deposit, contact us for an early bird special. We will take care of you.

How does it work with payment?

It's best if you make one payment, up front. You'll save money and won't have a headache later. If that's not possible, we have a payment plan. Your first installment (out of 12) is due upon enrollment and then monthly thereafter. You can do a bank transfer to Transferwise (no fee) if paying in full or by credit card in installments. It will be a lot. This is a TON of content and a full-blown course, committed to your evolution. You can estimate 5-10 hours/week, with every fourth week off. You will have an exam at the end of each semester. If there's a week where you get behind, you can take it as you go and catch up before the next month starts. It will be between 40-80 hours of content/semester, spread over 4 months. Each lesson is a different length (but ~50 mins), and the Q&A sessions (optional) will be depending upon your peers' desire! To be safe, think "6+ hours per week". So that can be 75 mins each night, or if you have a busy week, 8-2 on a Sunday.

Apart from the in-person trainings, how many hours do you estimate the course to be?

It will be a lot. This is a TON of content and a full-blown course. You can estimate 3-10 hours/week, with every fourth week off. You will have an exam at the end of each semester. If there's a week where you get behind, you can take it as you go and catch up before the nexrt month starts. It will be between 40-80 hours of content/semester, spread over 4 months. Each lesson is a different length (but ~50 mins), and the Q&A sessions (optional) will be depending upon your peers' desire! To be safe, think "6 hours per week". So that can be one each night, or if you have a busy week, 8-1 on a Sunday morning.

Tell me more about accreditation...

As for accreditation - very good question. There absolutely is no formal non-baised verification party in alternative health. Often a school will start its own accreditation label to make itself seem legit. We'd just rather be transparent and let the quality of the content - and of the high-standard practitioner you will become - speak for themselves. As for licensure... This 100% depends upon where you are practicing. Our current student body is representing 16 different countries. Because of the highly-international nature of TIFA, we cannot generalize. In somewhere like the USA, one must be very careful of "practicing medicine without a license", as this is not medical school (we study health, not disease!!!) Other countries have other guidelines. But guess what! You can play it cool to be called a "coach/consultant" and make no other claim. With that said, we are in discussions with a few small liberal arts schools in the US, not to get accredited - but rather to get credit, from university, and thus have their acreddation. One day this program will likely become a Master's of Acience in Applied Epigenetics. Together, we are forging a new field of academia: Embodied Research.

What is a Health Coach?

A TIFA-certified health coach is someone who has done their own work and knows the trials and tribulations of trying to live a healthy life in the modern day world. Someone who has garnered enough courage to be honest with him/herself first, before (s)he ever begins to help others. Traditionally, a "Health Coach" is someone who works professionally in wellness, usually with clients one-on-one, aiming to help the client with: digestive issues, weight loss, insomnia, etc. Whereas they usually serve as a mentor or guide, helping clients discover which lifestyle works for them, a TIFA coach is one who is consistently encouraging their clients to be honest with themselves. At TIFA, we realize health is never just physical. Whereas we are masters of applied epigenetics / lifestyle design, we understand that most imbalance is psychosomatic. Like more mainstream coaches, we offer accountability and offer an unbiased approach to clients, empowering them toward balance. This program is a self-transformation program that first starts with YOU. Over 18 months, you're guided to uplevel wherever you are - to a newfound level of mastery. If you're done a lot of work on yourself already, fantastic. Andréa is not a beginner's teacher. If you're ready to wear hats of "Health Coach", "Life Coach" as well as Therapist, shoulder to lean on, someone people respect, an authority in your communtiy, etc. THEN you've reached the right place. Follow that tingling in your belly...

How do I know this is the right program for me?

So you’re clicking around looking at programs. You don’t know which one to choose. I get it. What makes this program different? It’s led. Other courses involve a bunch of content to swallow and hopefully digest. During these 18 months you will be closely guided and mentored by Andréa herself. You have there, at your disposal, a professional business consultant, a spiritual teacher and an embodied health revolutionary… at the tip of your fingers. You can choose another program, but you’ll be left to your own fate. Once you put down the money for this program, Andréa is 100% on your side, every step of the way. This is how true learning is done. We don’t need some cool facts, videos of Deepak Chopra and an expensive piece of paper. You’re here for a life-changing experience. Welcome. I know, the whole “pay now” thing is super scary. “But what if…?” And “It’s a lot of money for me…” etc. etc. That’s real. We get it. BUT - once you hit that “pay” button, your life is changed forever. You’ve committed to yourself, your community… and more than anything? Your future. Seriously. Your kids are rolling over in your ovaries right now with joy at how much better their life is going to be. Because this program is FULL SPECTRUM. It’s not “oh, mind-body-spirit medicine, yippee!” And superficial spiritual materialism. This is about hardcore health. About the right living practices that make it worth it to be alive. This is about encountering - seriously encountering - how sick humans have become today. And deciding together what we’re going to do about it. So, this is NOT a program for small-town sweeties who are just looking to get by. This is a program for fiery souls who are truly ready to BE THE CHANGE THEY WISH TO SEE IN THE WORLD. #Ghandiapproved. Really though. I know he would of liked it. He would have looked at our founder and said: “Andi, my love, you’ve done well. Thank you for your shrive to the world.” And to be clear? This IS a service to the world. That’s the ONLY reason this all exists. Because the world NEEDS it. It’s not about “Hey, I’m 23 and don’t know what to do with my life, maybe I’ll start health coaching!” This is about CHANGING SOCIETY FOR FUTURE GENERATIONS. Hey, if our species doesn’t make some big decisions soon, we’re not going to be around very long. So. You’ve read this far. Now you’re invited. Join us. For the future of humanity. x

I'm already colonic hydrotherapy certified, will I have to complete it again?

Awesome! It would be a nice refresher, if you'd take it again. And if you’ve trained elsewhere/other methods, it’s definitely necessary to be re-trained in the Wood’s Method, as it’s a world of difference. One of those things you’ll only understand in hindsight (in excitement)! Also, the training is no extra course cost - it is included in the Course price.

I am currently enrolled in another program, can I balance two programs at the same time?

Do you also have a full time job? The course, in all honesty, will take anywhere from 5-10 hours per week, 3 weeks out of the month. So, it’s not quite part time, but it’s also not one of those “every-so-often” loose programs. This keeps your head in the game and the momentum rolling.


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