Gracie is a warm and joyful soul, born and raised in the UK with a big community of loving Portuguese family by her side.

With her mother being one of 12 and her father one of 11 children, growing up in a community environment was the norm and inspired her passion for bringing people together. As well as studying in events, she was in the corporate events world for 4 years before realizing the lifestyle sustainable for living the healthy and happy life she so desired. She left her corporate job to train to be a yoga teacher in Bali and has been teaching yoga and sharing her learnings ever since.

Gracie knows that she is always a student and is always looking to learn and experience new things. Gemini by nature, she likes to find ways that these learnings can be as fun and engaging as possible. As true health was never in the awareness of the culture she grew up in, her journey has involved lot of ‘unlearning’ and now has the desire to share all that she has learned in a way that is accessible to all.

With a desire to share and a passion for bringing people together, Gracie now holds wellness events where people can gather in a conscious community and she can share the knowledge she has in holistic health practices in a fun, engaging and experiential way.