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Hi there! My name is Emma :)


I am super stoked to be here. My life has been filled with so many awesome things that have led me to this point.  I grew up with my mum, who is the best, however she had no idea about health/wellness beyond what is pumped out in modern media, so we lived a pretty standard life filled with food from supermarkets, doctors when we were sick etc - endoctorinated into mainstream society. I got pretty sick when I was in year 4 and long story short, stumbled across chiropractic.


After not being well for about a year, a few adjustments had me flourishing, and as such made it my plan to be a chiropractor when I grew up. I had the amazing pleasure of being surrounded by people living with vitalistic principles through the chiro clinic I got adjusted at, and as such really rode the wave with them; learning the body is designed to heal, that we don't need any help to heal, just no external/internal interference. I always knew there was more to health then what the doctor said.

I jumped on the paleo bandwagon in my early 20's and realised the intense affects of food on health. I am so grateful for the exposure to such a significant health change with the paleo way. Since then I have been experimenting with food and fasting. I have just finished my first year in practice as a chiropractor and LOVE it. I am noticing more and more that chemical stressors to the nerve system (although are better proceed after adjustments) are chronic issues that need addressing at the root cause - food.

I already knew it, but I think that when I was studying with all the amazing people I did, I was living in a bubble where people cared about their health and what they put into their bodies. Now in practice it actually devastates me that people still drink coke and eat pies. Even more than that, a lot of people have no want to change. So that has been interesting. So yeh, I am on the train to educate, and to create a ripple effect of positive influence, while adjusting peoples spines to bring them toward health (as opposed to - away from disease). Look forward to meeting you all. LOTS OF LOVE.