Eline is born and raised in the Netherlands. She grew up in the countryside, together with her parents and younger brother. Studying is one of Eline’s passions. From a young and older age, she never knew what she wanted to ‘become’ because she has interests in many fields. Starting with Law but having a Bachelor in Geography, a Master’s in communication and a Master’s in Marketing Management on her name, she has never been more sure about a choice as Holistic Health at TIFA! Living most of her time in Amsterdam, Eline suffered since her 16th year from kidney infections and as a consequence of too many antibiotics: IBS.

After seeing many doctors in hospitals for years, Eline decided to take her health into own hands. From this space of illness, she changed her lifestyle over a long period of time. In October 2019, she decided together with her fiancé to quit their jobs and apartment to travel the world without an end date. Leaving the corporate world and reconnecting with herself and nature, made her realize that she can live her life in a different way. A journey of deep diving into many sustainable local projects, permaculture, ways of healing, REIKI, Buddhism and above all meeting these amazing souls all over the globe, brought her new perspectives. She recently landed in the South-West coast of Portugal, where she is starting her own sustainable project; creating a ‘Happy Farm’ where people can slow down and reconnect with themselves and nature. The farm will be based upon the permaculture principles. It’s a beautiful alignment of the project and being a lifelong part of the TIFA movement. She can’t wait to study more about the holistic approach of body, mind, spirit and to further carry on the movement!