Hi everyone, my name is Donnamarie Hirst...I totally love my name, all 10 letters of it and although people are often tempted to shorten it to Donna, that just doesn’t feel like me at all. I’d love it if you could call me Donnamarie, (love you all for this gift thank you) 

I've never done a Bio before so sorry if this is way off the mark but I’m sure you’ll all get the general idea. Can’t wait to learn all about you all and meet you later tonight. 

I Trained as a colon hydrotherapist in 2014 at Australian Colon Health.  Manager/Owner Macedon Ranges and Sunbury Colon Hydrotherapy 2014-presentTrained as a yoga teacher in 2003 and gained RYTA500 qualification from Yoga First here in Melbourne, Australia.  Yoga teacher from 1998-presentOfficial massage training qualification gained in 1995 from the London College of Massage.  Massage therapist from 1978-present Live blood microscopist 1996-2000.

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A little bit obsessed with growing own food, sourcing alive water, breathing pollution free air and sleeping with the windows open.Mother of two beautiful young adults and two blue eyed fluffy fur babies of the feline variety. Wife to an enlightened spiritual soul of 25 years. He is a chiropractor, acupuncturist, conspiracy theorist, father to our beautiful young adult children, a mad keen runner and orienteerer, meditator and the number one supporter and cheerleader in all things Donnamarie.

A beautiful man who I’m so grateful to call husband and best friend on the journey of life here on planet earth this time round. Both of us actively avoiding everything 5G, pesticides, plastics, non-vegetarian foods, alcohol, coffee and dairy in the pursuit of elevated health. Tend to get distracted in creative arts and choose solitude over socializing.  Prefer the company of family, rather garden than cook, rather do anything else other than cook actually. Am looking for a form of exercise that can work with my body which now seems to require extra attention in the hip area, that doesn’t require huge expense in either financial outlay, time or travel emissions. Love the rain, spring and autumn are my favorite seasons. Am able to speak a bit of French as I lived there for 3 years….travelled and lived abroad for 10 years, still am technically as I’m originally from New Zealand but left there in 1988.