Born in France and living in India, Lison is a 29 year old psychomotor therapist. She is enthralled by human richness and complexity, which led her to work in the psychiatric field. This deeper exploration of how mind, body and emotions co-create subjective realities, through different kinds of body work and expressive approaches as theatre and dance. Enjoying her own company as much as that of others, she finds herself walking alone for hours in mountains, sleeping under stars and connecting people through collective dances and various events. On her path of exploration, two doors opened: a living experience of collective spirit within Findhorn, an international Scottish community, and spiritual-realization through Indian philosophy that fueled her inner fire. They both guided her to Auroville, her now home, in 2015. There a relief: her inner aspiration found an outer space to bloom through a practice called Awareness Through the Body. To Lison, ATB stands for connection within oneself, the others and the world. She currently offers sessions for children and adults.