A firey yogi, unafraid to follow what she feels is right, Jivanti represents east Asia in our course. She is part of a big Tamil family and has grown up in Kuala Lampur, Malaysia. For several years, Jivanti has worked as a pharmacist for the Malaysian Ministry of Health. She has gained invaluable experience and self-growth through leadership. Having been socialized in such a multi-cultural and accepting society, Jivanti furthers this unconditional love, serving patients regardless of race and background. She is trained in: ISO Quality Management System, Research & Development, procurement and logistics of medications, patient counselling and care, rural community medicine, law and enforcement of drugs in Malaysia. Jivanti’s side-hustle is sharing Truth with her community through yoga. When not working, she can be found writing, photographing and traveling amidst a never-ending quest for growth.

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THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS  is an umbrella organization hosting The Initiation rite of passage fasting retreat as well as a host of online education and empowerment programs.  Founded by Andréa Paige, 2014. 
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