Florina was born in Austria. She loves nature and her family. She lives near Vienna in a beautiful little house directly at the forest. She has this wonderful little son, who is really one of her greatest gifts in life and absolutely adorable. Being a mother is a great challenge for her and she is growing into it more and more. In their relationship with the dear man at her side, both of them are willing to learn with and through the other and are trying to get the best out of the relationship, even if it sometimes seems really difficult not to project on each other.All her life she has been vegetarian, sometimes vegan and then a few weeks raw.

Florina is really attracted to eating mainly raw and whole foods. She would say that there is still a lot of potential to optimize her diet. So this is definitely a issue at this moment in her life.During her life she has gone through many different trainings and self-studies. For many years she has been working in the social field with many different people and nations. She works for a large social organization based in Vienna, where she is allowed to work in a collective for the good of the earth. The organisation is called "Verein MUT" (Mensch/Human, Umwelt/Environment, Tier/Animals) and the word "Mut" means courage and that is exactly what it is all about - to give help and hope when fear and worry prevail. This organization has many different projects like shelters for the homeless, food rescue and distribution, clothing donations, school projects, to name but a few.This year 2020 Florina is coming back from her baby break and is asked to step out of her comfort zone and do visionary work.

Florina is a woman who really has the desire to live her life to the fullest, to share love and wisdom with those who really have the same desire to be fully present with what is and to serve the highest good.Much love to all of you and a big hug️!