Found dancing on rooftop terraces and questioning everything, Elisa is Italian, currently living in Barcelona, Spain. Over the past few years, she has become increasingly incapable to conform to the rules of the contemporary capitalistic society. She has thus found herself making some ‘unpopular’ decisions, like leaving ‘good jobs’ and starting to search for her own spiritual path. Elisa loves art and knowledge in all its shapes and is curious about the TIFA learning experience. She is hopeful that it will be a step towards a better version of herself: more aware and able to share these gifts with the world.

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THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS  is an umbrella organization hosting The Initiation rite of passage fasting retreat as well as a host of online education and empowerment programs.  Founded by Andréa Paige, 2014. 
Email: info@theinstituteforaliveness.com

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