Donnamarie lives in Australia on 10 acres of her own beautiful countryside land, giant garden and space to dream. She has a beautiful family, two grown children and an enlightened spiritual soul for a husband, who works as a chiropractor and acupuncturist. Donnamarie owns and operates a colon hydro therapy clinic near Melbourne. She has been on the healing journey herself for as long as she can remember. She professionally qualified as a massage therapist in London in the 90s and has spent time living in France as well as the UK. Donnamarie is obsessed with growing her own food, sourcing live water, breathing pollution-free air and sleeping with the windows open!

THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS  is an umbrella organization hosting The Initiation rite of passage fasting retreat as well as a host of online education and empowerment programs.  Founded by Andréa Paige, 2014. 

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