Divya was born and lives in England and is of Indian origin. She was brought up with the spirituality, medicines and spices of the East where life definitely revolved around food and family! She brings a sense of curiosity and warmth to those around her and tries to live up to her name of being a ‘divine light!’

She has been working as an unconventional dentist for the last 10 years in roles that have included developing rural dental and health promotion services in Cambodia, working as a dentist in prisons across the UK, and leading an artificial intelligence project with GPs to identify high risk patients. She has a passion for impacting health on a large scale having worked in health service design and commissioning and is keen to explore ways of redefining health and integrating holistic practices into the current medical model of health.  Her biggest joy is always the relationships she creates with the people she works with. She currently works as a dentist in the NHS with those with disabilities and anxieties.

Divya is happiest when surrounded by the magic of nature; living simply in harmony with the Earth. She believes passionately in alternative models of living with community, nature and gift economies. Her dream would be to live off grid in a self sustaining community definitely somewhere hot to cater for her Indian genes! She loves to travel, explore new plant based recipes, practice yoga and of course dance! Her holistic exploration of health includes participation in panchakarma, sweat lodges, Vipassana retreats, fasting and acupuncture training. Her journey in health is constantly evolving through deepening her understanding of herself and all that we cannot see. She is working towards living more authentically and opening more of her expression, creativity  in the world.