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Namaste. My name is Cameron Klass and I'm from North Carolina in the USA. After graduating university in 2015 I spent 3 years backpacking through Europe, South America, Nepal and India. Travel has been super life transforming for me, deepening my spirituality and opening my mind. During this time I simultaneously ate my way around the world, I love to enjoy the beautiful plant-based foods this world provides and that are so unique to each region and culture! Health awareness and mindful living have become a passion of mine.

I focus on educating others on eating whole-real-and fresh diets, and how to look more closely at food labeling and the chemicals often found in processed foods.

I just recently self-published two books, one touches on how to take an integrated approach to health and wellness, and the other is a smoothie recipe book! I am working to build up my small business Root to Rise that offers health education and awareness.

I am so excited to embark on this course with everyone and deepen my understanding of the body, holistic practices and medicine, health and food! It is great we can all share this passion and knowledge in community with one another.