Aditi’s past experience is in international aid organizations. However, Indian health sciences – Ayurveda, yoga and meditation have interested and fascinated her for a very long time. Having tested its efficacy in her own life, she sought to gain a deeper understanding through studying their theory and practice through workshops, courses and self-reading.


Her work as a yoga teacher and events coordinator in Vedary, a holistic health center specializing in Ayurvedic based treatments has brought her in touch with practitioners of several alternative medicine and holistic healing techniques.  This served to widen her understanding of the field as well witness the immense benefits experienced by the clients.

Aditi’s life experiences have led me to believe true freedom in this day and age of uncertainty and stress comes from cultivating mind-body health.


Currently living amongst nature on a small lake in the Boreal Forest in Canada, Amanda serves her community in ways not even she knows. To balance the snow, she escapes to warmer climates as much as possible to indulge in fruit, sunshine and adventures. Amanda loves exploring other parts of the world and is perpetually looking for a second place to call home.

Living a plant-based for 10+ years, Amanda is passionate about growing food, foraging and creating colorful meals as play. For the past decade Amanda has found Truth in Juice fasting, and she is always excited to learn more about the body, mind and spirit - healing on all levels. Hence her jump into the incredible TIFA family! Other daily activities include trail running, hiking, paddle trips, and essentially anything around water. Amanda takes Nature as medicine and her favorite way to re-connect, restore, feel alive and inspired.


Ande grew up spending most of her time at a boat access cabin in Northwestern Ontario, Canada.  Spending the summers and  weekends throughout the year was an incredible experience. A definite tomboy learning to drive boats, snowmobiles, and quads at a young age, she also had an appreciation for solitude and nature. She was very sensitive and did not have a sense of belonging as a child, however the cabin was her safe place. Later in life she discovered she was highly sensitive and an empath and began to explore spirituality. She discovered that she was storing unresolved trauma from losing her father at a young age and being raised by an unstable mother, somewhat fending for herself from the age of 10.


She grew up in Frankfurt Germany and Connecticut Riverside USA, which made it not always easy to fit in our find her voice. Lives in an apartment in Berlin with her 2 kids that she sees every 2 weeks.  Inspired by art, design work and love skiing, HIT, Pilates, running and anything that has to do with movements. Hard to keep still and sit for a long time. Feels like she is 30 something, but very aware of herself getting older and it’s not her favorite thing. 


Sometimes not that focused and likes to driff off and push things back. Energetic, motivated and ready to start new things in life. She would also love to live outside of the city with a huge porch. Sport is what has given her a peaceful mind. She needs anything that makes her move and best in nature. 


Carré is one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry. She is also an author, a wellness consultant and coach, and an activist–fighting for gender equality; women’s rights; and an end to injustice of all kinds.

In Carré’s memoir, Beauty Disrupted, she documents the struggles that led to her spiritual practice. One of these struggles involved the trauma resulting from a sexual assault at age 17 by her then agent, Gerald Marie, who was and still is a prominent figure in the industry. Her decision to name Marie was a courageous choice, particularly given that her memoir was published long before the revolutionary #metoo – movement. On September 21, 2020, Carré was one of four women to formally accuse Gerald Marie of sexual assault. This resulted in an official investigation.


Christin Rauter is an entrepreneur, pianist/sound designer and educator with a degree in classical piano, jazz piano and music education.  

The passion and experience for piano and performing has led to sharing  her knowledge in private tuition, coaching and mentoring in Austria, Germany,  Asia and the UK for the past 25 years. 

To improve her interpersonal skills and after co-running a small record company in Germany she trained as a coach in 2004 in London. She founded Arts Collective Europe, a networking platform, to create opportunities and working with young teachers to support their personal and professional development through coaching and training. 


Gracie is a warm and joyful soul, born and raised in the UK with a big community of loving portuguese family by her side.

With her mother being one of 12 and her father one of 11 children, growing up in a community environment was the norm and inspired her passion for bringing people together. As well as studying in events, she was in the corporate events world for 4 years before realising the lifestyle sustainable for living the healthy and happy life she so desired. She left her corporate job to train to be a yoga teacher in Bali and has been teaching yoga and sharing her learnings ever since.


Josephine has been on the quest for health, healing and meaning for the entire 36 years of her life. Since she was a young child she was naturally very inquisitive, a deep empathetic feeler, and always felt as though there must be more to what she was being shown, which spurred her exploration of this world guided by her profound intuition and understanding the possibility of the unseen. 


Being born and raised in Melbourne to Italian immigrant parents, integrating this cross culture and living in a cosmopolitan society birthed her fascination of different cultures, beliefs, traditions and lifestyles. As soon as she as she could travel alone, at the age of 17, she ventured around the world solo, exploring, hunting experience, searching for alternate ways of living, relating, and participating in life that she hadn’t been exposed to before.


Marlee considers herself a world citizen. She was born in Canada and lived back and forth from there and the US for most of her young life. At around 20 years old, she went hopping around the globe, taking the next six years to travel the world, settling in Asia for a couple years, and now currently in Israel. Marlee has many passions, but two themes always keep occurring;  storytelling and health. So it made sense that after going to school for Journalism and Film, she eventually went back to become a registered nurse.


Graduate of Psychotherapist & a Coach. 7 years doing individual sessions combining de-armouring, trauma release, psychotherapy, intuitive and shamanic healing techniques.

5 years experience with company staff, ceos and own retreats and trainings / educations Healed astma, eczema, severe stress, depression, severe overweight, body numbness, suicide attempt 11 years ago, rewired subconsious and nervousystem deeply. Turned numbness into becoming full body orgasmicly open. Sharing all the lifeforce and pleasure activation tools in the Pleasure Temple today.


Samantha Rose Paprin grew up in the concrete jungle that is New York City & has spent the past decade traveling the planet remembering who she is and why she started. 


Samantha is a 500hr registered yoga teacher, a Reiki Master, Ritual Master & Life Activation practitioner with the Modern Mystery School, author, international speaker, psychedelics & plant medicine advocate facilitator and content creator. 

Whilst on her journey of remembering she’s picked up these many modalities (and is always seeking more) thus upon finding TIFA, she knew it was another wellspring of knowledge she desired diving into. 


Hi! This is Shilpi, currently living a community life in Auroville, India, was born in Bihar, India. As a young girl I read Gijubhai Badeka ‘s book “Divaswapna”, and it inspired me to learn more about the Free Progress Education system. I moved to Delhi to be trained in Integral Education. A desire to learn more about education systems around the world, I travelled to New Hampshire, USA to train at Antioch University. For 13 years I worked as a teacher in various alternative schools. With my interdisciplinary training and experience in education, psychology, and domestic science, I aspire to bring change and make a larger impact with my work with different communities and in different field – education, health, yoga, theatre, conscious fashion clothing, and gardening.


Simone is currently living in Washington State in the US, however considers herself being from multiple lands across America. Her perspective on life profoundly changed when she decided to move to Hawaii after graduating conventional university. No longer seeking comfort from toxic dependencies, but instead finding solidarity in family. Bearing a child and birthing her magical son completely shifted her mindset and opened up her curiosity, and now passion for continual transformation of self.


Talya is born in Berlin with a Turkish father and German mom. She traveled a lot and lived  in New York and Paris for her business studies. Talya just recently realized she is not living  true to myself. She worked hard for a marketing career and now at the top found myself  unfulfilled. Couple years ago after going through a rough time that challenged her  emotionally, she went to a yoga retreat in Thailand which sparked her passion for meditation  and alternative healing methods. Talya also suffer from constant bloating for 3 years and  visited multiple different alternative health professionals like Ayurveda, TCM, Theta, Reiki  and many more which increased her interest in gut health and its connection to the mind.


Ion is a massage therapist who lives in Auroville, India. Born in Romania, his childhood and teenage years passed between reading and martial arts. At the age of 19 he moved to Italy driven by interest for new growth opportunities. He builds his own house and continues his research to have answers to his profound inner question "Why are we here?". He carries out his passion for martial arts and sport, expressing his maximum potential in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu winning the competitions in which he participated at national and international level. He became a BJJ and Grappling instructor by opening his own gym.


John is an Advisor, Life and Executive Coach for CEOs, Founders, teams, and individuals who want to lead with power, passion, and purpose as they positively impact the world, while also living fully actualized, balanced, and expressed lives. His methods are bespoke and custom tailored to the situation, bringing 

transformation to challenging dynamics and environments. He engages with efficacy and speed, uncovering and removing hidden issues and limitations in individuals and teams. His clients often undergo rapid and exponential growth in multiple facets of leadership, accountability, integrity, and their ability to evolve and learn, accelerating them into being effective, aligned, impact-oriented, and results-generated. 


Khar Wei is 28 years old born on Christmas day. Raised in a humble and private family.

Commonly teased for being overly matured from peers.  Having the action, thought and speech of a 40s, despite biologically nearing the  age of a 30s with an overly young appearance and small stature of an early 20s. • Growth-obsessed, curious, analytical, strategic, logical, practical, paternal that constantly strive for excellence.


Talk about energy! As a passionate husband to Jo and dedicated dad to Reuben, Franklin, Sophia, Peter, Faye and Joseph, Peter’s mission in life is to help others find the clarity they seek in order to grow into the person they need to be. 

His uniquely motivated approach to team training and personal coaching allows those he works with to move beyond the stories they have told themselves that do not serve them and embrace the true version of themselves so they can serve other and the world!


Ravi is a holistic healer. He works with clients in wellness and health through his expertise in neurophysiology and curing chronic pain, nutrition, microbiome, exercise science, emotional release therapy, and consciousness.

He has cured many types of chronic ailments including fibromyalgia, chronic back/neck/knee/shoulder pain, IBS, metabolic syndrome (diabetes, thyroid, blood pressure, etc.), migraines, and emotional issues like anxiety and depression, and systemic illness.  He does not condone or advocate any perpetual-use pharmaceuticals or needless invasive procedures.


Teamo Franco is the name, elevating humanity is the aim.


Born in Zimbabwe from a broad ancestral heritage and living in the UK, Teamo is a global citizen, holistic health coach, biomechanic and shaman.


"With an open eye, mind and heart, everyone and everything became the guru."


The trials and tribulations of life provided the catalysts that guided Teamo through deep learning and transformation. As an autodidact, the journey of learning and healing has progressed from breakdowns and breakthroughs, to spiritually awakening into a constant interaction with life.