Christin Rauter is an entrepreneur, pianist/sound designer and educator with a degree in classical piano, jazz piano and music education.  

The passion and experience for piano and performing has led to sharing  her knowledge in private tuition, coaching and mentoring in Austria, Germany,  Asia and the UK for the past 25 years. 

To improve her interpersonal skills and after co-running a small record company in Germany she trained as a coach in 2004 in London. She founded Arts Collective Europe, a networking platform, to create opportunities and working with young teachers to support their personal and professional development through coaching and training.

One of the highest priorities in her work with people is to fully understand an individual, their unique personality and develop their potential. Naturally driven by  connecting people and creating opportunities she is enthusiastic 

about new projects that offer the potential for a beneficial impact on people. In the last decade she has deepened her fascination with the science of psychoacoustics and the effects this has on people and businesses, on productivity, creative thinking and healing. 

As a sound artist and educator she pioneered sound workshops in schools and individual sessions as well as worked with other creatives from all over the world to express and enhance their own creative media with sound. 

Together with Leon Jean-Marie she created an installation for the Barbican in 2015 and since then she has worked with Leon on various  projects and collaborated with brands and companies like Clifford Chance and T.O.A.S.T  to name a few. 

Slow sound for TOAST  is a sound project using the process of transforming colours into sound and calculating  frequencies into musical notes and scales. 

She believes that listening and the way we experience sound has a huge impact and powerful subconscious influence on our lives and our health.  As a consequence she aims to design conscious, modern sound that has a positive  significance in our contemporary environment; an antidote to stress, noise and visual  pollution. 

She was always interested in health, wellness and how the body and mind work best  together. Her second passion is movement and dance and integrating kinaesthetic  learning with understanding is a huge part of her perception of holistic health. 

By teaching piano in London for over a decade and learning that not every child has the  chance to learn an instrument she set up her own little charity called Noizonic Foundation.  

And after travelling to SA twice last year to visit the poorest schools in the Eastern Cape  she started to work on a project in collaboration with the department of education and various academic institutions in Europe and South Africa, working on a teacher training program pilot to support South African Schools, their teachers and communities.