Carré is one of the most recognizable faces in the modeling industry. She is also an author, a wellness consultant and coach, and an activist–fighting for gender equality; women’s rights; and an end to injustice of all kinds.

In Carré’s memoir, Beauty Disrupted, she documents the struggles that led to her spiritual practice. One of these struggles involved the trauma resulting from a sexual assault at age 17 by her then agent, Gerald Marie, who was and still is a prominent figure in the industry. Her decision to name Marie was a courageous choice, particularly given that her memoir was published long before the revolutionary #metoo – movement. On September 21, 2020, Carré was one of four women to formally accuse Gerald Marie of sexual assault. This resulted in an official investigation.

She is co-founder of Victorious Angels, a collective of survivors of abuse perpetrated by Gerald Marie and Jean Luc Brunel, with an objective to bring perpetrators to justice, and to campaign for a change in French law that would eradicate the restrictive statute of limitations.

Carré is on the Leadership Council of the Model Alliance, a non-profit organization working to establish fair labor standards for models. She is also the U.S. Ambassador for Knock Out Abuse, an organization that works to support survivors of domestic violence.

As a writer, Carré has contributed to Huffington Post, Mind Body Green, Elephant Journal, Patheos, The Conversation, and Vogue Australia. In December of 2013, she gave her Tedx Talk, addressing several key themes of her activism.

Carré’s strong commitment to helping others reclaim physical and emotional health has inspired her to become one of the first certified This Naked Mind coaches; this led her to co-found the Bare Mama Project which integrates this groundbreaking, shame-free approach to transforming one’s relationship to alcohol. Here, Carre offers an online workshop that supports moms in having a better, happier, and more empowered relationship to alcohol.