Born and grew up in Frankfurt, Germany and Connecticut, USA. Have 2 Kids (daughter 18, Son, 16) and divorced. Only child, but a huge family on her mother's side, which she loves. She grew up in two worlds (Germany/USA) which made it not always easy to fit in or find her voice. Caroline is inspired be art and design work. Loves skiing, yoga, HIT, Pilates, running, anything that has to do with movement. It's hard for. Caroline to keep still or sit for a long time.  She feels like she is 30-something but is very aware of herself getting older (not her favorite thing). Sometimes Caroline is not that focused and likes to drift off and push things back. Energetic and motivated and ready to start new things. 

Have BFA in graphic design from Rhode Island School of Design (RISD) and have Worked in many different publishing houses in NYC. Caroline had own linen company and a Pilates and group & functional trainer certified.

Sports is what has given her a peaceful mind. She needs anything that makes her move and best in nature. Lives in an apartment in Berlin with her 2 kid that she sees every 2 weeks.  Berlin seems just a stop, but this stop has been for 20 years now. Loves her friends and family. Enjoys every aspect of sports and loves giving back to the community. Needs the art live to give her inspiration and creativity  and enjoys to travel, but has not done enough of it.