Camolie was born and raised by the ocean in the south of Sweden with a large family filled with stubbornness, passion and care. For the first 20 years of her life, dance and movement was her partner (and escape) in everything, but the professional pursuit seized when she experienced a psychological burnout with little understanding as to why. Yoga helped heal and psychology studies provided (somewhat superficial) tools to ‘get by’. She went on to do her MSc in Performance Psychology which really resonated with her ambitious past and she has since developed a fascination in all things related to ‘creativity’ and it’s significance for humans on earth. Camolie has worked in the holistic health industry from which she’s established a regular ritual of daily cold therapy and intermittent fasting.

She’s certified in vinyasa and yin yoga teaching, and performance coaching, though she currently spends her weekdays working in Sales Enablement for a Tech company in digital identity.

2020 has been a pivotal year for many, and for Camolie this was the year she got in touch with her spirituality. Growing up very secular and scientific, discovering bhakti philosophy and reconnecting to the earth we live on has been monumental.

She’s confident that she will in the future work to unlock human performance and help people connect to their innate creativity. There is a ‘better way of living’ on earth and she believes that by unlocking her inner agency and responsibility, she may be able to guide others on their journey.