Hello! I am Andrea, globetrotter, passionate cook of healthy self-created food, and a passionate yogini. For about 8 years I have been involved with healthy nutrition, yoga, bodywork (Thai-massage) and everything that influences the feeling of well-being in one's own body. About two and a half years ago I found my passion in teaching yoga and I am very grateful to pass on this ancient tradition. It gives me great pleasure to help people to become more mindful and to connect more deeply with their bodies. 

But I was not always that conscious with my body and the things I put into me. By the age of 16 I decided to stop going to high school as it made no sense for me at that time. So I needed to find a job or an apprenticeship. Honestly I had no idea what to do. My parents got divorced at that time and they had to deal with their own shit. Luckily my older sister supported me a lot in this time by asking me the right questions which lead me to one field.

I started an apprenticeship as a hairdresser which I loved by this time. I got more self-confidence by earning my own money as well as talking to different kind of people, listen to their stories and getting pretty professional in what I learned and did. The day I finished this apprenticeship (I was 19) I moved together with my boyfriend at the time. Another step into independence. We had a great time good parties, not really a conscious healthy lifestyle. Breakfast by this time —> 1 croissant with Nutella, ham & cheese toast and a chocolate milk.


When I went to work with my car I also stopped at the bakery and got another baked good. For lunch I had something from the Chinese restaurant next door and in the evening spaghetti carbonara and not to forget that I breathed in the whole day long the chemicals from dying hair and other chemical products. 

After a 2 years of this lifestyle I realized that I need some change. The relationship was at a point of no return and I was not happy with my current situation. I went out a few times alone with a girlfriend and soon I felt in love with a guy I knew already from earlier days. The other changes followed prompt so I moved into a new flat which my father luckily bought by this time and after a few month my new boyfriend moved in as well. He studied sport sciences and encouraged me to study also. So I did my Highschool diploma next to my job and after that I started to study nutrition science next to my job. We had a great time together we traveled a lot, learned surfing and he taught me how to snowboard. We had a pretty active lifestyle and I loved it. 

Before I started with uni I went through a horrible time of discomfort in my belly. I was bloated 24/7 and nearly everything I ate caused me pain. I did a lot of tests to find out what it was and it the end it came out that I had lactose and fructose intolerance. I tried to heal it by dieting but it was not working well since I went to a doctor who did bioresonance. It took me a few sessions and money but I healed it with that, not completely but almost.

My intention of studying nutrition science was: If I know more about our food I know better what makes me/us sick ! ? Oh yes... During my uni time I went through different phases with my own diet and I switched slowly to a more conscious lifestyle. Interrupted by a phase breaking up again with my boyfriend partying a lot and compensating it with coffee to be awake for learning and working. I came to a point where I realized I just want to be on my own and not being in a relationship as I had been non stop since I’m 17. So in total 10 years. I wanted to find out who am I and I thought it is easier by being alone. This inner feeling was so strong that I couldn’t oversee it.


In 2015 I finally finished my bachelor degree and I straight started with a 2 years yoga teacher training in ashtanga yoga. Another journey began and I got more into spirituality. After a few months I had the opportunity to work and live in Bali Indonesia. Small side story my ex-boyfriend lived and worked there as well and after a 3 years on and off relationship we tried it again. I wanted that life so much that I really pushed it to make it happen. I rented my apartment, sold a lot of stuff or gave it away. I just had a tiny storage room in this apartment where I put everything I kept. 

Then I moved to Bali by the end of June 2016 and on 4th of July I started to work there. Wow it had been a rollercoaster...everything. A new culture, new place to live, new work situation in a new field, working together with people coming from a complete different culture, an old but also some kind of new relationship as we both moved on and did some personal development. But slowly I got used to this things and in between I loved what I did there. My main business was managing a healthy food delivery and around that we offered nutrition consultations, catering for retreats and full lifestyle packages where people got guided from us for a week or longer with food, fitness trainings and more. We also had a cafe where we sold healthy homemade cakes, balls, bars, drinks, breakfast and warm cooked food or salads. I also was in charge for new products there and improving the menu, fruit and veggie storage and many things more. I loved it I learned so many new things, I had the possibility to work together with Indonesian people which was not always easy but I learned again so much from them. Still at some point it all got too much, and I could not identify myself with the menus & diets we sold. Simultaneously also my boyfriend told me that he could not go on like this. This triggered a lot of old pain which we both created in the last 10 years. So I moved out from our common house and found a nice room in a house of a Finnish girl. After I quit definitely the relationship and the job, I just went to the island around Bali and surfed like crazy. At some point I felt also a little bit lost but in a good way. Long story short after a few weeks back in Bali I decided to do another yoga teacher training. I never tried yin yoga before, but I just read the explanation of this training and I knew that this is exactly what I needed by this time.

During the training I had time to reflect about what was happening in the last month and I soon realized that before I move further I need to fly home see my family&friends and manage the things with my apartment. Many other things happened during the training bit it would take to long to go in depth here. After coming back in July 2017 I realized what I was missing but also what I was not missing. Anyway I slowly got used to the life back in Vienna and 2 weeks later started to work as a hairdresser again. On my bank account there were 5.-€ left so I need to get work as quick as possible and with the tips I already could buy some food till I got my first salary. 

In September 2017 I started to teach Yin-Yoga twice a week next to my job. Slowly I started to teach more and more classes also vinyasa flow and ashtanga. In June 2018 I surprisingly need to move out of my apartment as my father got divorced a second time and he needed this apartment (which was still his) for his own which was still his. I luckily could move to a friends apartment but the rent was double from which I payed in the old. Anyway I worked like crazy and could afford everything and more. In October 2018 I did my first Basic Course in Thai Yoga Massage and I totally got hooked on it. So by the time I came back I was mostly massaging people and teaching yoga and working at the hairdresser.

In November 2018 I also could finish my 2 years yoga teacher training in ashtanga yoga. After a 4 weeks break traveling to Barcelona and Colombia over Christmas and New year I realized that I want to reduce my hours at the hairdresser to a minimum to make more space for teaching yoga and massages. After Colombia I had again hard to come back to reality to this life in Vienna. I again thought about moving to another place than Vienna as my flat was so expensive and there was not really something which kept me there but at the same time there was too much confusion in my head. So I did another 7 days juice fast with Andy.

After this period of fasting I was much more clearer in my head and lighter in my thoughts. In February 2019 I got to know a wonderful person which I was not knowing by that time. But after a few dates I opened up to him and let him into my heart. Soon we moved together and experienced crazy times together. He published his first book, quit his job as a journalist and worked on a career as key note speaker, yoga teacher & coach. I worked on getting full self employed giving yoga-workshops, attending another Thai- massage training, leading a yoga retreat on a sailing boat with him together and organizing a Osteo-Thai-massage training with a friend of mine. We went to Portugal and lived in a van for 3 weeks to see if this would be an option for longer. In between Jakob&me cried, laughed triggered and mirrored each other but all in all we are on a healing way and I’m very grateful to have him in my life. 

Finally I’m at the end or the beginning of 2020 and the beginning of a new journey. The holistic health coach certification program. In my opinion, life is a constant journey. A journey which brings with it the further development and refinement of our self.