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After the past decade living in the center of Paris, Ana Guadalupe Hank Amaya lives between Sevilla, Spain and Tijuana, Mexico, where she grew up. A native speaker in both English and Spanish, her brain hops between two worlds, as does her soul, suspended in the discussion between the ocean and the moon. Born into a traditional, political Mexican family, she always felt a resonance with the Spirit world, be it statues of mother Mary or incense burning from her altar.

Walking the two parallel realities of “mainstream” and spirit walker grew increasingly difficult in her late 20s. Over the past several years, Ana has dedicated her life to the pursuit of magic - both in the embodiment of humans as well as in the connection to the Spirit world and the divination upon its path. She has joined The Institute For Aliveness to up-level her own life and is graciously supported by her two beloved pups of duality - a small white Bichon Maltese named Farah and a big, black hairless Xoloitzcuintle named Hanguam! When Ana's not traveling, she's doing her best to support her family and make herself ready to become a mother one day!