Currently living amongst nature on a small lake in the Boreal Forest in Canada, Amanda serves her community in ways not even she knows. To balance the snow, she escapes to warmer climates as much as possible to indulge in fruit, sunshine and adventures. Amanda loves exploring other parts of the world and is perpetually looking for a second place to call home. 

Living a plant-based for 10+ years, Amanda is passionate about growing food, foraging and creating colorful meals as play. For the past decade Amanda has found Truth in Juice fasting, and she is always excited to learn more about the body, mind and spirit - healing on all levels.

Hence her jump into the incredible TIFA family! Other daily activities include trail running, hiking, paddle trips, and essentially anything around water. Amanda takes Nature as medicine and her favorite way to re-connect, restore, feel alive and inspired.


Guided by the force of Yoga as a pathway to self knowing, Amanda is proud of completing 500 hours in yoga teacher training. Drawing inspiration from Polynesia, Amanda has also studied traditional Lomi Lomi healing and hopes one day to return to this practice regularly. 


Though in the meantime, working with her hands has always been a must, as it brings her to a place of focus and creativity. As a hair stylist for 18+ years, she has cultivated many beautiful relationships from clients who have become teachers in their own right. 


Finally, Amanda has found joining TIFA to be one of her most exciting adventures yet… finding her Truth, her calling and all that this is real and worthy in this life, as she evolves into the best vision of herself. Community and continuous self learning make her soul sing! Being part of a like-minded collective is exactly what has been missing in her life, and TIFA has brought meaning far beyond. 


When not studying out gallivanting, Amanda cares for her geriatric black pug named Polly. If you’re ever in the great North, make sure to stop by for tea!