Aditi’s past experience is in international aid organizations. However, Indian health sciences – Ayurveda, yoga and meditation have interested and fascinated her for a very long time. Having tested its efficacy in her own life, she sought to gain a deeper understanding through studying their theory and practice through workshops, courses and self-reading. 

Her work as a yoga teacher and events coordinator in Vedary, a holistic health center specializing in Ayurvedic based treatments has brought her in touch with practitioners of several alternative medicine and holistic healing techniques.  This served to widen her understanding of the field as well witness the immense benefits experienced by the clients.

Aditi has participated in the ancient shamanic healing practices in South America and experienced first-hand its transformational aspects. Exposure to diverse healing techniques has impressed upon me their complementarities as well as the manner in which an individual is empowered to be proactive in restoring his or her own mental and physical health as opposed to pharmacological interventions which leaves a person with little understanding and control over his own life.

She follows with great fascination advances in neuroscience which is only now unraveling how Yoga, meditation practices and other mind-body techniques impact the brain causing healing of long seated psychological and emotional traumas and promote physical healing.

Aditi’s life experiences have led me to believe true freedom in this day and age of uncertainty and stress comes from cultivating mind-body health.