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18 Months

like 10 years of growth


30 countries

Tight Knit



Class of 2020

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Class of 2021

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If you’ve made it here, then you must be ready.

Ready to talk Truth.

To see through pop health knowledge and sales pitches. 

To realize the distraction of “precision medicine” and remember that your body can heal itself.

This is a different world than those you’ve walked before.

We don’t play by the rules of Capitalism, constipation or corruption.

We don’t invest in marketing or make a pretty-packaged outside.

We are real.




Welcome to the orbit.


"In the world of the future... a measure of aliveness will be our currency... the only inspiration to set us free. Thus? All that's worth investing in is thee."
























THE INSTITUTE FOR ALIVENESS was born out of moral imperative. When our Founder tried to leave her career in health, she realized that no one was doing what she was: full spectrum Applied Epigenetics. From sexual health to self-conversation, lifestyle design to integrative relationship rebirthing, discussion on the power of psychedelic therapeutics to global impact… and of course keeping open commentary on all things Political Economy, food systems, capital incentive structures, the modern health system and more. Lest we not forget about hydration and pooping too. Oh - and the most important part of all? Our own ability to quell our nervous system, find calm and quiet the incessant anxiety that plagues our disconnected species. That. That’s what TIFA is here to bring forth.

Parsed into three monumental semesters and one 6-month practicum, this 18-month course is lightyears ahead of anything currently on the market. The container for growth, the (at times over-)stimulating curriculum, and the giant mirror held up to keep you real in your transition. This level of accountability is second to none.


Would you want to see a coach who paid $300 for a 20-day online course? Neither would we. This dual life coach - health coach certification program is here to fill the gap in full-spectrum healing/embodiment (two sides of the same coin). We are birthing the Docteurs of the Future. Part think-tank, part certification body and part research Institute, we build a better future: today.


Our WHY? Because our species has never been at such a trivial point in time. From climate destruction and impending natural disaster to political shenanigans and nationalized polarization. In late stage Capitalism, the minute our health and food became commodities, the human species lost.


So, no, this is not The Institute For Integrative Nutrition. This is much more. In fact, we tend to think nutritional science is bullsh*t.


Come inside to find out more.


We guarantee to blow your mind with new ways to look at the world, the human body, oh, and of course… yourself. 


John Taylor, USA
TIFA Class of 2021

"How was being a part of THE INITIATION during your TIFA course enhanced the process?"

Peter Borda, Australia
TIFA Class of 2021

"For someone working in coaching or holistic health, what was the BODY semester in TIFA given you?"

Christin Rauter, Austria
TIFA Class of 2021

"What is it like for 4 months into the journey?"

Eline Meijer, Netherlands
TIFA Class of 2021

"How will you describe your TIFA experience?"


Enrollment opens JULY 1, 2021 for Jan 2, 2022 intake.

Apply now by clicking here.

“It is no measure of health to be well adjusted to a profoundly sick society.”

-  Jiddhu Krishnamurti

Our Aim

To birth the next generation of health revolutionaries and applied epigeneticists. Empowering people to take their life back

into their own hands. Will you join us?